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IMPRESS FAMILY & FRIENDS WITH STUNNING CRAFTMANSHIP: ► These exclusive Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are made by skilled craftsmen - handcrafted through a multi-day process which includes many steps to ensure that each piece is impressively designed. Each Moscow mule mug is hammered and polished keeping you in mind, so that you and your guests love the charming cups.100% Guarantee of Quality.

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To derive maximum benefit from it, store overnight for anywhere between 8 to 14 hours and consume the water preferably in the morning.
No, when heated copper can develop a layer of brownish-black copper oxide. It is not advisable to store hot water in the copper bottle due to risk of copper oxidation.
Each of our copper bottles is covered with a leak proof cap.
Yes, all our copper bottles are handmade by skilled craftsmen who use traditional methods.
Yes, it is not only an excellent substitute for plastic bottles, but it is a relatively soft malleable material which means it can be formed without breaking.


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